The world continues to become a global village and most of today’s work is increasingly moving online, and so has our data. The information we need to run businesses and understand customers better can now be accessed anywhere and anytime from the comfort of our devices. Towing services in Miami Beach that would like to get the right data storage solutions can now use different options including Google, Amazon, and other cloud vendors. Data from the cloud has given people the freedom to work remotely and cooperate with global teams.

However, it needs to be understood that using cloud data comes with its fair share of challenges. Cloud storage transmits and stores data remotely with the use of third party storage systems that eliminate the need to own data infrastructure. Data is fully managed by the cloud vendor who delivers storage and accessibility to businesses over the internet as a service. The most common use of cloud storage is for backup and storage. However, businesses with intensive data usage can use the cloud for software testing and deployment, migrating data, and big data projects.


Data needs for businesses

Every business has a data life cycle. This life cycle consists of if data collection, access, usage, storage, transfer, and deletion. Cloud data will take a journey through each of these stages. For businesses to protect their data, they have a couple of options.

–         Choose a reputable cloud storage provider as well as data encryption

–         Implement two-factor authentication

–         Restrict user access to data and implement privileges

–         Enforce regular password changes

–         Create clear documentation and security training for teams.


Best Ways to Back up your data

When you make a choice for a data storage solution, it is important to figure out how it will fit across different stages of data. Some businesses choose ti back up all their data while others opt to archive inactive data. You are free to choose the frequency for backing up your data. There are a couple of considerations that will inform your choice for backing up data.  Top of the considerations you must make include the following;


–         Budget for the storage space required and cost of running the data centres

–         Frequency of backups and daily data needs

–         Integration with your business

–         security options present

–         Accessibility, retrieval, modification  and ease of recovery


Cloud solutions that a business decides to use depend on many factors such as the company size, security risk of the type of work, client base, and budget. The main determining factor in the cloud solution to use is the volume of data stored.

Enterprises normally have bigger data needs based on their customer base. They also have the time and budget to develop more comprehensive data infrastructures, which require more space, complexity, and security. The best way for enterprises to offer backup for their data is to find scalable and secure solutions that support their needs and complexities. Some of the leading cloud data storage companies to work with include, Amazon AWS, DriveHQ, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Cloud Solutions.

How to Get Data Storage Right for Every Size Business

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